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Capital One Orange Bowl – Florida vs. Virginia

  • December 30th, 8:00 pm

CJ Henderson, Florida, Corner – 6’1 200 pounds

What experts are saying:

"Long, gangly, and lanky frame throughout. Primarily played in an off-ball positioning pre-snap. Possesses arms that are like vines that allow him to play through receivers. Even though his body may not be in proper positions, his arm length and reach enable almost absolute possibilities to make plays on the ball. Arm extensions smothers throwing windows and makes it hard for throwers to fit balls in consistently.   He embraces the physicality portion of playing the position and takes pride in being a run defender. Teams often targeted him with using receivers as alley enforcers, Leaving Henderson on a island with a convoy headed towards him. Taking on the challenge, he was consistent with maneuvering through traffic and still making tackles. Showed to have plenty of value as a blitzer. He was often used on CAT (corner) blitzes and late-down edge pressures. Henderson essentially catches the ball comfortably almost as if he’s a receiver. Has examples of interceptions at all different area levels. Can attack the ball out of the air, while also scooping it out of lower areas. An added incentive that takes his game to another level because of it."

CJ Henderson could be the best corner in the first round not many will talk about but could make the biggest on whichever teams draft him in 2020. With a need at corner the Falcons could take another Gator and add him to the secondary.