Three bold off-season moves for the Atlanta Falcons

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When the Falcons drafted Austin Hooper, no one expected him to become the player he is today. He’s among the best at his position and even though he missed three games this season due to injury, Hooper managed to rank in the Top 5 in receptions and touchdowns and the top in receiving yards.

Hooper is a free agent right now and the Falcons need to do everything in their power to resign him and keep Hooper on the squad.

The asking price for Hooper could be anywhere from $7 million to $10 million per year. While Hooper does deserve as much money as possible, it might be a possibility that the Falcons won’t have to pay that much.

There’s no point in the Falcons going out in free agency to sign someone like Hunter Henry, Tyler Eifert or Eric Ebron when they might have to spend more money than what they would like to spend and they can keep who they already have.

Arthur Blank is a players owner and there no doubt that the front office of the Falcons will be able to retain the services of Hooper at a team discount. Hooper has established himself as a key component in this offense and there’s no reason why Hooper would play anywhere else.