Atlanta Falcons great doesn’t have fond memories of the Falcons


Steve Bartkowski is one of the greatest players in Atlanta Falcons franchise history, however, he doesn’t remember his time here as fondly as fans remember him.

The Atlanta Falcons drafted Steve Bartkowski with the first pick in the 1975 NFL draft out of California and he spent 11 of his 12 years playing in the black and red. Many older Atlanta Falcons fans use him as the benchmark for franchise quarterback play.

During his first four seasons with the Falcons, he would miss 18 games due to injuries because the Atlanta Falcons “weren’t good” and he spent “more time at the hospital recuperating from injuries my first three years than I did throwing touchdowns”

He was recently asked by Charean Williams from NBC Sports about Joe Burrow going to the Cincinnati Bengals and Bartkowski had this to say – “I know what it’s like to go to a bottom-feeder team. I’d hate to see that happen to him to be honest. They beat me up. I spent more time at the hospital recuperating from injuries my first three years than I did throwing touchdowns. It was tough.”

“You know, times change; things change. Atlanta wasn’t a good organization until Arthur Blank bought the team [in 2002]. It was a terrible organization. They didn’t know the right hand from the left to be honest.”

It sounds like he is a fan of how the franchise is currently being run versus the handling of the franchise by the Smith family for the first 40 years of existence.

Under Arthur Blank’s guidance for 18 seasons, the Atlanta Falcons have reached the postseason eight times, winning six games and advancing to the NFC Championship game three different times and appeared in one Super Bowl. They have had 11 seasons of records .500 or better.

Under the Smith family’s guidance for 36 seasons, the Atlanta Falcons reached the postseason six times as well, winning four games and appearing in once NFC Championship game and one Super Bowl. They had just 10 seasons of .500 or better football in those 36 years.

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Clearly, the Atlanta Falcons have been much better under Arthur Blank’s direction, it’s just a shame that one of the greatest Atlanta Falcons to ever wear the uniform doesn’t have as fond of memories playing in the city as the city has of him playing here.