Does Matt Ryan give the Falcons the best chance to win a Super Bowl?


What is wrong with the Atlanta Falcons? Does Matt Ryan give the Falcons the best chance to win? Those are questions that have been asked over and over again over the history of the franchise. Regardless of the owner, general manager or coach, the results are the same year after year.

Local Atlanta radio host Mike Bell, he is an Atlanta Falcons season ticket holder and payer of those ridiculous of PSL’s said that “Seattle had the Legion of Boom, Atlanta has the Legion of Meh”. He could not have been more correct in his assessment.

When you look on the defensive side of the ball, no one but Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones stands out. No one on defense, other than Jarrett and Jones, is irreplaceable and in every case, you could replace them with someone better.

What about on offense? Other than Julio Jones, I would say no one is untouchable, including Matt Ryan. Everyone on the offensive line can go, running backs can all go and other than Julio, every wide receiver can be replaced.

We all seem to think that a guy like Matt Ryan cannot be traded because he is the best in franchise history. Well, what did the Chargers get by keeping Philip Rivers and paying him more than $218 million since 2004? They won just five playoff games, made one AFC championship game, zero Super Bowl appearances and won the AFC West just five times in his 16 years.

Rivers is the best quarterback to ever play for the Chargers, but they never got their return on their investment.

The same can be said for the Atlanta Falcons. Through the 2019 season, the Atlanta Falcons have paid the best player in franchise history $223 million. During that time the Falcons have four playoff wins, two NFC championship appearances, one Super Bowl appearance, and won the NFC South just three times.

In 23 games against the New Orleans Saints, Matt Ryan has led the Falcons to just nine wins.

While I am in no way advocating for the trade of Matt Ryan, would it not be beneficial to at least look at every possible avenue in order to get better? At some point, most franchise quarterbacks end up on a different team later in their careers and with Matt turning 35 before next season, he is in the latter years of his career.

Other than being a good guy and the only quarterback in franchise history with a winning record, can the Falcons truly say Matt Ryan is a difference-maker and gives them the best chance at winning a Super Bowl?

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If the answer is yes, then proceed as normal. If the answer is no or even a maybe, then it is time to do whatever is necessary in order to make this franchise a Super Bowl contender and not stay “the Legion of Meh”.