Five games the Atlanta Falcons must win in 2020

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The upcoming 2020 football season may be one of the most important in Atlanta Falcons history.

The Atlanta Falcons schedule in 2020 certainly is not an easy one. With six divisional games, four games against the NFC North, four games against the AFC West and games against the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks, it will most certainly not be an easy road to the playoffs for the Atlanta Falcons.

The extremely difficult schedule could be a blessing, however, allowing the guys to face off against so many great teams and elite talent throughout the season will have them battle-tested come playoff time, should the Atlanta Falcons be there.

This will be a make or break season for the Atlanta Falcons, more specifically, Dan Quinn and his coaching staff. Back-to-back 7-9 seasons and a fan base that has rapidly lost interest in its hometown team has proven that this upcoming season could go down as the most important of the Matt Ryan era. Ryan and the rest of the stars on this team aren’t getting any younger. The window to finally bring home a Super Bowl to the city of Atlanta is closing and we all know it.

Earning some big-time wins over the top teams and the best talent in the NFL would go a long way in allowing the fans to start gaining trust and confidence in this team once again.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the top five games of the 2020 season that the Atlanta Falcons absolutely have to win.