Five games the Atlanta Falcons must win in 2020

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The Atlanta Falcons will play the Seattle Seahawks in Atlanta again this season, looking to get revenge for the team’s homes loss in 2019. Sure, Ryan didn’t even play in the game, but it would still be nice to get some revenge on their NFC rival.

These two teams have played in several great, emotional, nail-biting games over the last eight seasons and this upcoming match up should be no different, assuming both teams don’t have any significant injuries.

Given the Seahawks track record, since Russell Wilson was drafted, this will more than likely be a very important match up in regards to playoff seeding and head-to-head record. It will be vital for both teams to come out with a victory given the difficult divisions that both teams are in. The San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints are powerhouses that aren’t going away anytime soon, so an in the conference, out of division game like this could decide who makes and misses the playoffs.

The Atlanta Falcons have to win this game because there will be too much on the line to lose this game in 2020.