Five games the Atlanta Falcons must win in 2020

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The Atlanta Falcons will travel to Lambeau Field in 2020 to face off against another NFC rival, the Green Bay Packers. This game, for many similar reasons to the match up with the Seahawks, will be a critical game in the season for the Atlanta Falcons as they look to re-establish that they are once again one of the top teams in the conference.

When these teams face-off, fans of both teams can almost always expect a fantastic match up. This game should be no different. The Packers are once again one of the top teams in the league after making it to the NFC Championship, where they lost to the eventual NFC Champion 49ers.

If the Atlanta Falcons can find that winning consistency like the Packers did last season, then this matchup will prove pivotal in deciding playoff seeding, as well as bragging rights. A win in Lambeau Field would automatically put the Atlanta Falcons on everyone’s radar, proving that they are back to being a consistent winner in this league.

Sure, the Atlanta Falcons haven’t had the best success at Lambeau Field, but Ryan has a winning record against Aaron Rodgers, something very few people can say.