Why are free agents never “perfect” for the Atlanta Falcons?


Why not the Atlanta Falcons? This was a question I found myself asking earlier today when I came across an article about how Austin Hooper would be perfect for the Bears.

Former Atlanta Falcons tight end Austin Hooper would be perfect for Atlanta – you know the team that drafted and developed him. But the bigger question becomes, why doesn’t anyone ever talk about how bigtime free agents or draft talent would be perfect for the Falcons?

The Bears might historically be a great franchise, but they haven’t been one this century. That goes for most of the other NFL franchises too. Over the last decade, the Falcons are Top 10 in wins; miss me with the “means nothing without a Super Bowl” nonsense too.

Maybe that is where this conversation starts- with the fans. Pick an Atlanta Falcons site and read any article. The negativity surrounding even the most positive articles is astounding. Why not the Atlanta Falcons starts with the fact that anyone that dares to voice their wish list out loud is ridiculed by those that have differing opinions or those that bring up money.

We all know that the Falcons are in cap hell and cannot initially afford an upper-echelon free agent like Joe Thuney or Austin Hooper, but we all should be able to wish for the best players available. Those conversations happen every day in the barbershop or around the watercooler.

What NFL teams have shown year after year, is if they want a player bad enough, they always find a way to make it happen. Always. The same goes for Austin Hooper, if the Falcons wanted him back bad enough, they would make it happen.

This has nothing to do with the current coaching staff or front office either. Even in the great years of the franchise, they have never been given the respect other NFL franchises receive, even the non-producing ones.

Going back to the original question – why not the Atlanta Falcons? They have everything you could want in a franchise.

  • Great owner
  • Great city
  • Great facility
  • Great stadium
  • Great quarterback
  • Great strip clubs
  • Airport to get you to any place you want to go with a direct flight
  • Waffle house
  • Chickfila

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Until the Atlanta Falcons franchise gets to a point where players and media are thinking why not Atlanta, things around here will never change. The Falcons were nearly at that point, but the last two seasons have taken Atlanta back out of the upper echelon of franchises and back into the realm of average franchises where they have a shot at second and third-tier players but the impact ones are too busy making splashes elsewhere.