Atlanta Falcons top five classiest players of all-time

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Matty Ryan will be 35 years old during the 2020 offseason. He is the Falcons all-time leading quarterback in almost every category in games played, wins, completions, attempts, total yards passing and touchdown passes.

Ryan is a shoo-in Hall of Famer. The only thing he doesn’t have is the all elusive Superbowl ring, which he almost had in 2016.

He has missed only three games in his 12-year career. Ryan is a true leader in so many ways. He is tough as nails, competitive, gritty and even has a bit of an edge on the field. He will call teammates out but in a respectful, non-demeaning way.

The greatest quarterback in franchise history, he exudes nothing but class both on and off the field. He always says and does the right thing, and perhaps he hasn’t garnered the full amount of respect he deserves.

Atlanta Falcons fans still have a love-hate relationship with him to a certain degree. He has had a prolific career and might be more deserving of a Superbowl ring than almost any other player in the game today.

Always well dressed in post-game press conferences and off the field, he has nothing but respect for the game, for his fellow teammates and opposing players and coaches.

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All five of these Atlanta Falcons top five all-time classiest players have a lot in common.

They never attract(ed) drama, don’t like the limelight, stay(ed) out of trouble and are and were never in the news for any type of negative publicity.