We should be thankful for the Atlanta Falcons organization


More so than ever, we should appreciate everything about the Atlanta Falcons organization from the top down and everything that they do for the city.

The Atlanta Falcons are no different than every other sports team in existence. They have a good year, great years and terrible years. They have ebbs and flows just like we do. They make us laugh, cry, scream and cheer.

One area we don’t appreciate enough is how much they care about their fans, many of us are guilty of taking them for granted. From the top-down, the franchise is in the city helping those who are less fortunate every opportunity that they get donating both their time and money. Because the media does not cover 90 percent of it, we forget what they do.

Over the last several years the Atlanta Falcons have taken home a lot of community awards given out many industries, including the NFL. This is something to be proud of.

Something else to be proud of, what Arthur Blank announced Friday afternoon and that he was going to pay the workers of Mercedes Benz who have had their jobs taken away by leagues taking a hiatus. As hourly part-time workers, this is not something he has to do. Most agree that it is the right thing, but not something that he had to do.

In unprecedented times like these, it’s important to remember what sports are – entertainment. While it stinks to have our source of entertainment taken away, there are always bigger problems than what we are going through because our sports teams are underperforming or not doing as well as we believe that they should.

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Who knows what the Atlanta Falcons offseason will look like and how much impact the NFL will have because of this virus. What we do know is life is always going to be bigger than sports and we should appreciate the fact that as an organization, the Atlanta Falcons never lose sight of that even when things are not going their way on the field.