Atlanta Falcons: Thomas Dimitroff blunders have never been more apparent


The Atlanta Falcons are extremely busy as NFL insiders have the Falcons releasing running back Devonta Freeman in addition to Desmond Trufant will no longer be part of the brotherhood.

These moves were expected but this signifies a bigger problem with the Atlanta Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff. No one is telling you anything you don’t already know. If the way he has handled this doesn’t open the eyes for owner Arthur Blank, nothing will.

Over the last two years, the Atlanta Falcons and Thomas Dimitroff have turned down offers for Vic Beasley, Austin Hooper, and Devonta Freeman – that we know of. Now all three of them will be elsewhere in 2020 and all the Falcons will have nothing but a compensation pick for Hooper, of which the value will not be determined until March 2021.

Looking back now, this was nothing more than a small window for the Falcons to win a couple of games at the end of the year in order to save his own job and Blank fell for it.

At the end of the trade deadline last year when it was announced that the Falcons had turned down trade offers, Dimitroff stated it was to keep the locker room intact and not disrupt what they had. Now, we can see it for what it really was, a ploy to stay employed.

This is the same general manager that told the Atlanta Falcons flagship radio station back in December that the team had no worries entering free agency and the team was not in cap hell, only to tell the same station less than 60 days later that the team was in a tough position cap-wise.

Does he even know what is going on?

The word frustrating isn’t even the right word at the moment. At this point, the Falcons under Thomas Dimitroff seemingly have no direction and are trying to save face by clearing room to sign at least one impact-free agent, though given free agency under Dimitroff that will more than likely not happen either.

Dimitroff’s tenure with the Falcons started off with a bang. A couple cornerstone draft picks, multiple playoff appearances and the ability to find starters in the back half of the draft. The last five years under Dimitroff have been a bust even with the Super Bowl appearance which was clearly an anomaly.

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Who knows how the coming months turn out, but we all can agree, no one trusts Dimitroff to make the right decisions to get the Falcons back to respectability let alone the playoffs.