The Miami Dolphins are going to save the Atlanta Falcons


The Atlanta Falcons are already in cap hell and the new CBA makes the situation even worse. They will have to get creative to dig themselves out of this whole. The new CBA was announced that NFL teams will have $198.2 million for the cap this season which does not bode well for the Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons need to do something similar that the Houston Texans did getting rid of Brock Osweiler. The Texans gave Osweiler a massive contract in free agency and they needed to get rid of his contract. At the time the Cleveland Browns had a ton of cap space, so the Houston Texans gave the Browns a second-round pick to take Osweiler’s contract.

For the Atlanta Falcons to have cap space they will have to do something similar with large contracts on their team. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are not going to be traded so fans need to get that out of their head right now. However, Alex Mack, Desmond Trufant (already announced), and Devonta Freeman are all likely going to be moved so the Falcons can have cap space.

Currently, the Miami Dolphins are projected to have the most cap space of any NFL team with over 98 million. The Falcons need to dump Freeman’s contract on the Dolphins. The Falcons will likely not get any compensation in return and will likely have to give them a future pick in return.

This move will not give the Falcons much other than cap space. The Atlanta Falcons might not have a choice with their situation. By dumping his contract on the Dolphins it will give them extra cap space in the future which the Falcons can use in future offseasons to load up the team again for another Super Bowl run.

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The Atlanta Falcons dumping their contracts will hurt short term but is a good move long term.