Atlanta Falcons don’t need or want Cam Newton


The Atlanta Falcons are not a club that can use or needs former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton as part of its roster to win games.

Seemingly every time a big name pops up on the availability market, fan bases flock to social media to give hot takes about how that player is better than who their team currently has and if the team was serious about winning they would sign that player.

At this point, it looks like Cam Newton will start 2020 as a backup somewhere. There are a couple of teams like the Chargers and Broncos that could use a starting quarterback and maybe those teams were just waiting on Newton to be cut. Cam will find a team at some point and it could be in a role he never imagined having to play after winning an MVP award.

What we do know is the Atlanta Falcons under no circumstances need the services of Cam Newton. In no way, shape or form does he make the Atlanta Falcons better. Cam has never been better than Matt Ryan and will never be better than Matt Ryan in any area important to being a quarterback, let alone a leader.

Too many times, we have seen Cam Newton blame others and/or refusing to answer for his mistakes. Matt Ryan has never been that type of player or teammate and never will be. Cam Newton will never be as good a passer as Matt Ryan and he will never win as many games as Matt Ryan.

Sure, he might have better arm strength than Ryan, but he has never been as accurate and will always throw more interceptions; two areas that Falcons fans bag on Matt Ryan about.

Yes, Cam Newton is an Atlanta native but bringing him in as a backup would do nothing more than split the Falcons fan base further apart and create a distraction much bigger than anything this franchise has ever seen not named Michael Vick.

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Cam Newton will land on his feet somewhere in the NFL soon, as will Jameis Winston, but Cam Newton is not a better option than Matt Ryan. Not now and not ever.