Falcons new uniform review – not as bad as initially thought


The Atlanta Falcons new uniforms were revealed Wednesday after weeks of waiting and debating. The initial reactions to the uniforms are mixed from fans, which is to be expected.

Disappointment and the Atlanta Falcons go hand in hand. This is why I just wrote an article warning fans that the reveal of the new uniforms could be disappointing. It’s easy to get one’s hopes up, but it’s important to keep expectations at a reasonable level. This is where fans went wrong in regards to the uniforms.

Fans were expecting the next level, out of this world uniforms and that was just not reasonable. This is why the reactions to the new set of uniforms are overall negative. In reality, fans shouldn’t have gotten their hopes up because what the Atlanta Falcons revealed is honestly not that bad, in fact, they are pretty good for the most part.

Let’s start off by reviewing the white jersey and black pants combo. This combo is not one of the better ones. Something about it is just off-putting. The combination does not look nearly as good as the black jersey with white pants combo. It’s not atrocious or anything, but it just doesn’t seem to flow together properly.

A much better combination is the new school black jersey and white pants combo, as well as the old school black jersey and white pants combo. Both combinations are fantastic and are very easy on the eyes. The ATL logo on the front of the jersey is a welcome addition that adds attitude to the new uniforms. That goes for all the new uniforms. When I think of Atlanta Falcons football, I think of the black jersey and white pants combo.

The new all-white uniform is also very good. Again, very easy on the eyes and is a welcome addition to the team. There’s nothing fancy about it. It’s right to the point and will be great for away games.

The all-black uniform is decent at best. While easy on the eyes, it does feel like it is missing something. It would look better without the red stripe. The red stripe looks fine on the all-white uniform, but on the all-black uniform, it just feels like it takes away from the color scheme instead of adding something to it.

The red jersey that fades into black pants is awful. It’s ugly and just doesn’t look right. The red cleats do not look good either. Everything feels off about this uniform. None of it really goes or flows together and it looks like something that was custom made by a kid who is creating an Ultimate Team in Madden.

The final uniform is the white jersey with the red pants and red cleats. This uniform is very good because it flows, it is easy on the eyes and it isn’t too flashy. The best uniforms are the ones that don’t have a lot going on. The straight to the point ones are the best and this is straight to the point uniform. It represents the team colors while not trying to hard to be different or innovative.

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Overall, the red fade jersey is really the only one that looks awful. The rest are either really good or at least decent. They aren’t revolutionary, which will disappoint several, but they do enough to represent the Atlanta Falcons and the new era of football that the team is apparently entering. Now everyone can stop worrying about the uniforms and get down to what is really important. The NFL Draft and putting together a Super Bowl-caliber roster.