Three unlikely draft day trade scenarios that would include Matt Ryan

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Continuing the trends of bringing in former Georgia Bulldogs, the Falcons trade Ryan to the Detroit Lions for and a 2020 3rd rounder. Stafford and Ryan are close in age, but Stafford does come in at a cheaper price. For those who always complain about Ryan lacking the arm strength to push the ball down the field wouldn’t have that concern with Stafford. When the Lions had Megatron, the playbook was literally “Go deep and throw it up to Calvin Johnson.”

For those who are worried about Stafford’s production in Detroit shouldn’t worry about that in Atlanta. Stafford is more mobile than Ryan and everyone saw his numbers, Calvin Johnson. Imagine what they could be with Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, a HEALTHY Todd Gurley, and Hayden Hurst.

The biggest concern for Falcons fan would be the fact that Stafford has had a few injuries in his career. The third-round pick the Falcons would receive would be some added insurance. The Falcons traded away some picks to bring in Hurst and they would be able to get one of those picks back to draft a quarterback that could be a successor to Stafford.

The Lions would be able to put off their search for a young quarterback for a few years since Ryan is playing at a high level and they would be able to use their first-round pick this year addressing another situation or trading it away to get more assets to help their new quarterback.