Three unlikely draft day trade scenarios that would include Matt Ryan

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This one is going to ruffle a lot of feathers but it’s just an article, right? The Cowboys decided not to sign Dak Prescott to a long-term deal and let’s face it, players don’t like franchise tags. To get rid of a disgruntled player, the Cowboys and the Falcons make a swap at quarterback. The Cowboys get Matt Ryan and the Falcons get Prescott.

The Falcons fans finally get their young mobile quarterback that can escape the pocket and create his own play when the offensive line breaks down. Prescott would have better targets to throw to and having a mobile quarterback helps Todd Gurley out quite a bit. Arthur Blank loves his quarterbacks and would not mind paying Dak Prescott what he feels he deserves.

Would Prescott be able to replicate the numbers he had last season without a healthy All-Pro back? That remains to be seen but maybe Prescott could be a quarterback that most Falcons fans could get behind (until he blows a lead in the Super Bowl).

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The Cowboys wouldn’t lose a step in the quarterback department acquiring someone who has led a franchise to two NFC Championship games and came very close to winning a Super Bowl, something Jerry Jones desperately wants to get his hands on. Just like in the Matt Stafford scenario, the Falcons would receive a mid-round pick in the deal as well to retrieve one of their picks back.