DeAndre Hopkins shows respect to the disrespected Matt Ryan


DeAndre Hopkins’s recent comments on Twitter regarding his place on the list of best receivers in the NFL gave some unexpected, but much deserved respect to Matt Ryan.

Hopkins, who many consider being one of, if not the best receiver in the league for years now, recently revealed that he believes that if he had Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan or New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees throwing him the ball, he would have even better numbers than Julio Jones and Michael Thomas.

This is honestly a valid opinion considering the numbers he has put up with mediocre to sub-par quarterbacks for the first portion of his career before Deshaun Watson was drafted. These quarterbacks consist of Brock Osweiler, T.J Yates, Case Keenum, and Tom Savage. Yikes.

Unlike Hopkins, Jones has had the luxury of having Matt Ryan as his quarterback. If Ryan can get Harry Douglas a 1,000-yard receiving season, then Hopkins would have easily reached Julio Jones numbers for sure.

Don’t get me wrong, Jones is still the best receiver in the league, but Hopkins makes a very strong case for claiming that top spot as well. He hasn’t had the quarterback consistency or helps like Jones, and that shows just how important Matt Ryan is to the Atlanta Falcons.

Without Matt Ryan, Jones would still be a  great receiver, but it is very possible that he doesn’t put up the same numbers and consistency with a different quarterback.

Hopkins also mentioned that Michael Thomas knows that he would put up bigger numbers than Thomas, and this is 100% true. Thomas is a product of the Saints system of an infinite amount of slant passes. Hopkins would have the receptions record if he was in Thomas’s place, no doubt about it.

Going back to the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan, it’s nice to see Hopkins show respect to Matty Ice because he is easily one of the most disrespected players in the NFL. If he had a Super Bowl ring, it would be a different story.

Unfortunately, he does not and the disrespect has and will continue. It’s a shame because he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and if he had more help around him and consistent play from his teammates and coaching throughout his career, he could have won at least two Super Bowls in 2012 and 2016.

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Thank you, Hopkins, for being one of the few guys out there to show our quarterback his due respect. Good luck in Arizona.