Julio Jones is already a top-five receiver of all-time in NFL history

Julio Jones is already a top-five all-time great receiver in NFL history.

Atlanta Falcons star receiver Julio Jones has been great from the start. No disrespect to the other great receivers in this league but Julio is the best in the game. Where he ranks all-time however will shock you.

There is no one receiver in Atlanta Falcons history better than Julio Jones. Even though his career is far from done, Jones at this point is a top-five all-time great receiver with plenty of time to reach number one.

If you ask anybody who is the best receiver NFL history, anybody with a brain will say Jerry Rice. After Rice, things get a bit fuzzy because there isn’t a clear cut number two.

Ranking the receiver position isn’t as easy as ranking quarterbacks because lots of people put a lot of stock into championships when it comes to quarterbacks. With the receivers that’s not that case.

So where would I rank Julio Jones all time?

  1. Jerry Rice
  2. Terrell Owens
  3. Larry Fitzgerald
  4. Julio Jones
  5. Randy Moss

Julio Jones would be my fourth all-time ranked receiver. Yes, Julio is better than Calvin Johnson, yes Julio is better than Randy Moss. Chris Carter, Michael Irvin, Steve Largent you name it, Julio is better.

There are going to be a few people that think it’s outright ridiculous for Julio to be ranked above Moss and Johnson. While both of those guys are physical freaks of nature, Julio might be the best all-around wide receiver at his size talent-wise.

People might not like Owens being ranked ahead of Jones, but no matter what you think of Owens as a person, he produced pretty much everywhere he went. Fitzgerald and Jones are mirror images of each other. From the way they play on the field, to the way they carry themselves off the field, you probably find a better comparison for Jones.

The only argument that could be made against Jones being this high on the all-time list is his touchdown numbers. While they aren’t the best, they should in no way overshadow the things Jones has done on the football field.

If Julio stays injury-free, there is no reason he won’t be ranked in the to three or maybe even eclipse Rice as the GOAT. If you don’t think Jones is a top-five all-time receiver then that’s fine. Julio will make a believer out of you.