Atlanta Falcons: Raheem Morris is getting the job done

Atlanta Falcons Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Falcons Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

Raheem Morris is getting the job done for the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have found their constant in Raheem Morris for the 2020 season and it’s becoming even clearer that he’s getting the job done.

Now, before you completely kill me, give me a chance to explain.

We can say whatever we want to, but the truth is that this season was over for the Falcons after they started 0-5 well before Morris was promoted to ‘interim’ status.

It’s becoming increasingly clear- if you didn’t already know this beforehand- that the Atlanta Falcons weren’t hiring Morris with the hopes or expectations that he’d turn it around and make this a competitive team down the stretch.

Instead, Morris was promoted with one goal in mind: Make sure the Falcons are a top-five team in next year’s NFL Draft.

He is excelling wonderfully.

The Atlanta Falcons are so close to getting in that mix, but things have to fall into place down the stretch

The Falcons are currently No. 7 in the draft order if the season were to end today, but we’re far from over at this point.

Atlanta still has three games remaining- two against the Bucs and one against the Chiefs- that they need to lose to give themselves the best position in the draft possible.

The loss to the Chargers this past weekend officially closed out any hopes that this team could even mathematically end up in the playoffs and it’s now time for full ‘tank mode’ to be on display.

Morris is the right guy for the job.

Now, we’re not saying that Morris is a bad coach or that he can’t be successful at some point in the future. But, let’s be honest with ourselves and recognize that he was never head coaching material and Sunday’s abysmal loss to the Chargers– one of the league’s worst teams- is just another example of that very fact.

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Don’t worry, though. The Falcons knew what their plan was all along and we’re very close to seeing this franchise with a potential game-changing draft pick later this spring.