Atlanta Falcons Rumors: Eric Bieniemy no longer the top candidate

Atlanta Falcons helmets on the bench Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Falcons helmets on the bench Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

Rumor has it that Eric Bieniemy is no longer the top candidate for the Atlanta Falcons

There’s a ‘very likely pairing’ for the Atlanta Falcons’ open head coach and GM positions, and it doesn’t involve Eric Bieniemy- the presumptive top candidate.

The original reports that were coming from Atlanta Falcons circles when the head coaching search got underway was that Bieniemy would be the Falcons’ first choice. However, it seems the franchise might have settled in on another name that would prove those reports potentially inaccurate.

According to The Athletic’s Jeff Schultz and CBS Sports’ Jonathan Jones, the pairing of Joe Brady and Terry Fontenot is beginning to gain steam. Even acknowledged the reports, though nothing official has come from the team yet.

Have the Atlanta Falcons zeroed in on their top candidates?

There are still going to be interviews conducted and nothing is going to be finalized at least for a while longer, but it’s not surprising that the Falcons have come away enamored with Fontenot.

We talked about what Fontenot could bring to the franchise back when the searches were just getting underway and his name has only heated up in Atlanta over the past couple of weeks.

As far as Brady is concerned, this might be an absolute blessing in disguise.

No one is arguing that Bieniemy has the potential to be an elite coach, but if you look at the upside for Brady, you can see that he can be special, as well. The one certain thing about Brady is that he will fix the offense and it won’t take him much time at all. The only question will be if he can put enough talented assistants around him- especially defensively- to help navigate the waters and make a major impact.

One move we can all agree on. dark. Next

Nothing is finalized yet, but this pairing would absolutely be a win for the Falcons- in my opinion- and fans should be excited about their potential if that is, indeed, the direction the franchise chooses to go.