Atlanta Falcons: Kyle Pitts is actually having a successful season

The Atlanta Falcons have a star tight end in Kyle Pitts who is not getting the production in the passing game that everyone had hoped for. It has not looked good on the surface but, as we all know, the game of football runs far deeper than the surface.

Fantasy football has also taken over the NFL which has been part of the issue with the narrative on Pitts. It becomes frustrating how much fantasy football drives fans rather than people sitting down to watch and enjoy each game.

The fantasy aspect of football has only made people more frustrated at the lack of production from Kyle Pitts even though he has actually had a successful season.

Atlanta Falcons TE Kyle Pitts is showing that he is a complete player

The Atlanta Falcons have the greatest tight-end prospect in NFL history on their roster, no doubt about it. He was drafted to become a dominant force in the passing game and has certainly shown he can be that but there was one thing that evaluators criticized about his game coming out of Florida — his blocking.

People believed that Pitts did not have the body type to hold up as a blocker despite his film showing otherwise, for the most part. In his rookie season, he was a solid blocker but he has clearly shown that he has gotten even better at it in his second year.

He has legitimately been one-on-one with a pass rusher during a passing down this year and has actually looked like he can play on the offensive line. Not to mention, he has made several key blocks for Atlanta’s prospering running game.

We all know what he is capable of as a receiving threat, but I am here to tell you now that just because all the fantasy football people are angry, doesn’t mean it has been a bad season for Pitts, in fact, the opposite is true. He is showing he can do what everyone was telling him he couldn’t do. He should already be considered a complete tight end.

Is having him block the best use of his abilities? Absolutely not, but, again, we all know he can be among the best receiving threats in the NFL, so he is bound to get his time in the spotlight sooner than later.

Arthur Smith does need to better utilize him in the passing game and needs to get him more red zone opportunities going forward, but saying he has had a bad year is simply naive. Those who say he has been bad are either people who do not watch the game and only look at stat sheets or are crazed fantasy football fans.

Watching the Atlanta Falcons win is more entertaining than watching a fantasy football team win. News flash: the only thing that matters in real life is reality, not fantasy. I love playing fantasy football as well but it becomes extremely annoying when people care more about their fake game than the real game — I don’t care if there is money on the line or not.

I even have Kyle Pitts on my fantasy team but as long as the Atlanta Falcons win, I couldn’t care less about him going for 100 yards and a touchdown. Therefore, I don’t care that Pitts only scored you three points last week. Kyle Pitts and the team did what was needed to win the game, simple as that.

I will stop ranting now. The whole point of this article is to get the truth out there that Kyle Pitts has been excellent this year even if his statistical production has been disappointing thus far.

Kyle Pitts has shown that he can be a complete tight end in the league, that should be the overall narrative around him this year, not the fantasy football narrative.