2024 NFL Draft: 5 teams who could trade with the Atlanta Falcons

These five teams could be interested in acquiring the Atlanta Falcons' eighth-overall pick during the 2024 NFL Draft.

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After several moves to fortify the offense, the Atlanta Falcons no longer have to press their needs in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The roster has had its biggest need filled with the addition of Kirk Cousins and then they were able to quickly fix a deserted wide receiver room. Now, with the eighth-overall pick, the Falcons are free to do whatever they want—whether that be trade up, stay put, or trade down.

As we stand right now, trading down seems like the most likely outcome if they are looking to make a trade. Here are five teams that could be interested.

1. Falcons could trade back with the Minnesota Vikings (No. 11)

It is no secret that the Minnesota Vikings are trying to make a play at landing a top-three pick. They are going to be aggressive but they could be stuck in no man's land if New England and Washington are dead set on taking a certain quarterback.

If the Vikings see a quarterback falling then the Falcons could be a good spot for them to secure who they want. It wouldn't be a resource-draining move and they would land the quarterback of their future without risking another team jumping them.