3 Aging stars the Atlanta Falcons should consider giving a role in 2024

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3. Fletcher Cox

Things have gone awry in Philly and the reason remains unclear. You have an extremely talented offense and great defensive pieces. With Jason Kelce retiring, however, will some of those pieces decide to walk away?

Atlanta is set to lose Calais Campbell to retirement or free agency and could use another piece along their defensive line. Fletcher Cox isn't the player he once was but he is still a contributor to a winning team. Fletcher along with Grady Jarrett and David Onyemata would be a great interior trio that gives Atlanta arguably the best defensive line in the league.

Cox is likely sticking with Philly, but the Falcons should at least reach out to the respected veteran. The biggest priority for the Falcons' defense will be finding an edge rusher who can consistently bring pressure.

It was the interior for Atlanta that did the best job and found ways to impact the quarterback with neither of their starting edge rushers impressing in 2023. Cox would be a great help in keeping that trend going as well as a big body to plug the middle of the field and keep Onyemata and Jarrett rested.