3 Atlanta Falcons facing higher expectations in 2024 season

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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3. A.J. Terrell

Put aside the contract reasons that this is a big season for A.J. and simply look at the situation he is now in. The Falcons have mostly ignored the defense this offseason and will look to add to the corner position in the draft. A.J. Terrell is coming off of an underwhelming season by his standards.

You're looking for a bounce-back season as well as a leader to set the tone in the secondary. There is going to be far more pressure on Terrell now that Jeff Okudah is gone and Clark Phillips is clearly in the starting lineup. Yes, this was how the season ended but when the secondary was at its best last year it was Terrell and Okudah both clicking early on.

Phillips is a great piece but he is a young corner that is going to increase the pressure on Terrell. Allow A.J. to play on an island and send the help to the other side of Atlanta's defense.

Now you have to consider the contract implications. A.J. went from one of the best corners in the game to a good starter. What he is this season will go a long way in deciding where contract negotiations go.