3 bargain free-agent signings the Falcons missed out on in 2024

Three cheap signings the Atlanta Falcons should have made this offseason.

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Without a doubt, the Atlanta Falcons made the biggest splash of the year when they signed quarterback Kirk Cousins to a four-year, $180 million contract. It was a move that shook the market for a team that needed to do just that.

Unless he wins numerous Super Bowls, no one is going to mistake Cousins' contract for a 'value signing.' The Falcons paid what they needed to pay to find a sure-fire starting quarterback. It was a fair deal for both sides.

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Elsewhere, though, a few teams were able to make bargain signings for players. Here are a few that the Falcons missed out on this offseason.

1. Josh Reynolds, WR

Signed with Broncos for two-years, $14 million

No one is going to mistake Josh Reynolds for a high-upside wide receiver; he is a reliable third option.

Ignoring his issues during his final game in Detroit, Reynolds is a solid veteran receiver who can produce 600-yard seasons for any offense. He was a top option for a high-flying Lions offense and will now be moving to Denver to play in a shaky offense.

This is one the Falcons should have jumped on, even with their other moves at the position.