3 Moves the Atlanta Falcons still need to make on offense

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Add depth to the tackle position

The Falcons going into the 2024 offseason have reason to believe they have one of the strongest offensive lines in the league. They have a bargain at center and left guard with both players playing far above their contracts. You have a star at right guard in Chris Lindstrom who has already been locked up long-term.

This leads us to the tackle positions where you have established veteran Jake Matthews and Kaleb McGary. Matthews has continued to play at a very high level and has done nothing to suggest his career is heading in the wrong direction. Still, with his age, there should be a healthy level of concern moving forward about how long this level of play will last.

Kaleb McGary had a great 2022 season that he cashed in on and followed up with a frustrating 2023. His pass protection was ugly to watch and isn't going to be acceptable with Kirk Cousins now the starter. Zac Robinson is going to have to figure out how to bring the 2022 version of McGary back or have a replacement lined up.

With all of this in mind, the Falcons should be looking to add a tackle they trust as a potential starter. Whether this happens in free agency or the draft expect a move to be made at the position.