3 Players the Atlanta Falcons would like to steal from New Orleans

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages
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While we wait for the preseason to end and meaningful Atlanta Falcons football to start we've taken a look at what players from Tampa Bay and Carolina would set the Falcons over the top. Stealing from a division rival is a fun hypothetical to explore especially when it comes to the Saints.

Tampa Bay has dominated the division for the last three years and despite being led by Tom Brady didn't come close to surpassing the rivalry between these two teams. Tampa and Carolina are both rivals but neither have close to the bad blood you can feel between the fans or these two teams play.

With the all-time record tied up the games this season will take on even more meaning for teams that will play each other closely no matter the talent level.

Looking at the New Orleans roster it is easy to see that this team is set to take a step back losing a lot of depth this past off-season. The team's splashy move of adding Derek Carr has done a lot to distract from that this is a team heading in the wrong direction.

However, there is still plenty of talent on this roster that if Atlanta could steal (As they did with Ryan Nielsen and David Onyemata) they would starting with the perfect final piece for the offense.