3 Reasons Arthur Smith should be fired no matter how Atlanta Falcons season ends

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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2. Refusing to adjust or give up play calling or play design

The Atlanta Falcons offense is completely on Arthur Smith and with that comes all of the credit and all of the blame. The offensive coaching staff under Smith is far from proven when it comes to play calling or play design at a high level. The head coach did a poor job of putting great play callers behind him and perhaps that was by design.

Even as the offense struggled and the pass concepts clearly weren't working Smith refused to adjust. Whether it was not giving the ball to his backs enough and then appearing to attempt to prove a point with repetitive and predictable handoffs the offense has been objectively bad.

Smith could have saved face by attempting to bring in someone to help or handing off play-calling duties for at least a week. But much like the other issues with Smith, his stubborn refusal to adjust has cost this team in this area as well.

Atlanta's offense is predictable and the passing concepts are simplistic. Yes, the quarterback play hasn't helped matters but whose fault is that?