3 winners, 3 losers from the Atlanta Falcons' 2024 NFL Draft

Three winners and losers from the Atlanta Falcons' 2024 draft class
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Winner: The future of the Atlanta Falcons

You cannot find a fan that would want to watch the last two years over again. It was hard to watch because of the inconsistency at the quarterback position.

Well, if Michael Penix Jr. turns into what we think he can be, the Atlanta Falcons are set at the position for the next decade-plus. Penix is a special talent which is why it will be hard to wait a couple of years before seeing him on the field for a meaningful game.

There is now life post-Kirk Cousins for the Falcons and that is exciting to think about.

Loser: The public view of the Falcons and their front office

Everyone has been talking about the Atlanta Falcons this past week with most of the talk being extremely negative. The media did not like what the Falcons did in the first round of the draft and it has ruined the outlook the public has on the team.

Suddenly, you have the Falcons dropping down power rankings (which makes zero sense), you have people making fun of the team on every social media post, and you have daily clips of media personalities tearing the team down.

I don't agree with most of it but I cannot ignore how poorly the press conferences have gone for Terry Fontenot. He seems to have been caught off guard by questions of when Michael Penix will play and why they didn't address the secondary in the draft.

There has to be a little bit of concern inside teams when it comes to public perception and the Falcons are now at the wrong end of that which is never good.


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