3 Worst contracts on Atlanta Falcons roster heading into 2024 season

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3. Kirk Cousins

Yes, the contract for Kirk Cousins can be both the right move and still a tough number to swallow. The fact that it makes the list speaks to how well Terry Fontenot has managed the cap. Cousins is tied to the Falcons for at least the next two seasons.

After the first two years of the contract, the Falcons can easily move on. However, they can keep Cousins for up to four seasons depending how on he ages and his level of play. It is a well-structured contract but still a tough cap hit.

The Falcons haven't paid a quarterback market value in quite some time. Because of this, the contract is going to rank among Atlanta's worst based simply on how it limits them moving forward. Fontenot built the contract where Atlanta will still be able to make impact moves in free agency but they are still paying top dollar for Kirk's level of play.

Again it is important to note that this was the right move and likely the only one at the position Atlanta had. Their other options would have resulted in another season of disappointment. While this gives the team a real chance at making a postseason run. A painful contract to swallow but one that should prove well worth the cost.