4 Lasting takeaways from Atlanta Falcons ugly win in New York

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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4. What is wrong with Kyle Pitts?

More than once in Kyle's rookie season there were questions posed as to whether Pitts would give up at the end of routes. Matt Ryan would be fighting for his life and it seemed Pitts would rev down at the end of his route content to sit and wait the play out. That criticism wasn't re-visited last season with the season-ending knee injury and has been difficult to point out this year.

There are questions as to whether or not Kyle is fully healthy or if he is still recovering from last year's injury. Twice in this game, there was a reason to wonder why Pitts didn't go up and fight for the football. There is never this question with Drake London or even some of Atlanta's lesser receivers.

Pitts is so talented and deserves to be featured in Atlanta's offense. However, did we watch in this game why he hasn't been? Whether it is health, effort, scheme, or more likely a combo of all three this was a frustrating showing for Kyle. The tight end made some great plays but continues to be a source of frustration and unable to live up to lofty expectations.