4 NFC teams still ahead of Atlanta Falcons and 3 they have passed

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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3. Green Bay Packers

Yes, this is the same team that beat Dallas and ran them out of their own building in the playoffs. Just as it is the same team that was beaten by Desmond Ridder and Arthur Smith early on in the season. Jordan Love hasn't established himself in the regular season as Kirk Cousins has.

Green Bay has every reason to believe in their quarterback and to have excitement around their young core. However, there is a reason for a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to this team being a real playoff threat.

You have Chicago and Detroit in your division who both have reason to believe they have greatly improved. The Packers are going to be a playoff contender but if the Falcons have a first-round matchup with Green Bay it isn't off the table to believe Atlanta could be favored.

This is a young team with an inexperienced quarterback who had a rough first half and finished incredibly hot. Which version is the real Jordan Love? The truth is likely somewhere in the middle with this being the one playoff contender that Atlanta should respect but not fear.

The Packers remain ahead if...

Jordan Love is the top ten quarterback we watched play at the end of the season. Love controlled the game against Dallas and looked to be a top-five starter in the league for stretches. If that is truly Love's ceiling and not a young quarterback having the hot streak of his life Atlanta and the rest of the NFC are in trouble.