4 Players that could follow Jim Harbaugh to the Atlanta Falcons

Who could follow Harbaugh to Atlanta? Either from his championship Michigan squad or veterans from long ago?

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4. Blake Corum

Yes, the Falcons have Tyler Allgeier and Bijan Robinson already on their roster. However, let's remember how Harbaugh likes to run an offense and the new rushing system that works in this league. Depth is everything at the back position and the Falcons are likely going to lose Cordarrelle Patterson this offseason.

When the running game was at its best under Arthur Smith it was when Huntley, Allgeier, and Patterson were all involved and getting touches. They all had slightly different styles but punished the defender for attempting to tackle them.

Corum is a smaller back and that along with his up-and-down career likely has him projected in the middle rounds of this draft. Even with two great starters already on the roster spending a mid-round pick on a player that can still have an impact is a wise decision. With Bijan underwhelming in his first season, the depth would be wise and replace a veteran in Patterson who is likely to move on from the franchise this offseason.