4 Prospects Falcons can draft to make Kirk Cousins life easier in Atlanta

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4. Malik Nabers

Yes, the Falcons have invested a lot of the cap in fixing their receiver issues already. However, as previously discussed Kirk Cousins is a good not great quarterback. Your path to winning a Super Bowl with Kirk leading the way is a loaded offense that does the heavy lifting in the season's biggest moments.

Cousins is at his best when he can play point guard and has 3-4 receiving options. This was the case with the Vikings and we saw the numbers Cousins was able to put up. If the Falcons are able to fix the pass rush in trade or free agency they should consider drafting Nabers.

Yes, it shakes up your depth chart but Darnell Mooney will remain in the starting offense with Zac Robinson often using three receiver sets. The change would be to use Kyle Pitts more often at the tight end position and less split out as a receiver.

It is far from a need for this roster but when you are attempting to win a Super Bowl with Kirk Cousins there is no shame in taking every possible advantage. Nabers would be a good fit in this offense and give Atlanta the depth they have lacked since Sanu, Julio Jones, and Calvin Ridley were their starters. It is worth remembering how that played out for Atlanta.