4 Teams that should have outbid the Falcons for Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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4. Minnesota Vikings

Perhaps the Vikings and Raiders both have plans to trade up in the draft for a starter. However, if the season started today your options are Sam Darnold and Gardner Minshew. Vikings fans are about to go through a similar process as to what Atlanta did when Matt Ryan left the franchise.

When a quarterback doesn't wow you as Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen do it is easy to take them for granted. The small things that they do to set you up to have a chance each week. One would think that what they watched when Cousins left with injury would be a cautionary tale.

Instead, the team took it as they could save money at the position and stay afloat with Darnold or a draft pick. History tells us that there is likely one star in this quarterback class and maybe if it is a great class 1-2 starters. What are the Vikings' chances of being able to land one of them?

In a division with the Lions and Packers who both impressed in the playoffs you needed Kirk Cousins to have any chance of the postseason. Now you are clearly a team in for a long season that will end in the final week of the regular season.