4 valid reasons the Atlanta Falcons didn't make a blockbuster trade

There are several legit reasons why the Atlanta Falcons made nothing more than two minor trades prior to the NFL trade deadline
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Four reasons why the Atlanta Falcons didn't make a blockbuster trade

The Atlanta Falcons did not make an aggressive move for any player prior to Tuesday's NFL trade deadline.

They did trade for wide receiver Van Jefferson and defensive lineman Kentavius Street but those were not major moves. Fans were wanting a player like Montez Sweat, Danielle Hunter, or Chase Young.

But there are solid reasons why the Falcons decided to stick with what they have moving forward. Here are four of those reasons.

1. A slumping team undercut the Atlanta Falcons

It is no secret that the Atlanta Falcons were really wanting Montez Sweat from the Commanders. Nearly every report surrounding Sweat leading up to Tuesday was about the Falcons.

But then the 2-6 Chicago Bears decided to throw a wrench in everything. They offered Washington a second-round pick that was impossible to refuse. Obviously, considering the Bears' record, the Falcons would have had to offer a first-round pick which would have been way too much for a player in the final year of his contract.

This was so strange. Why did the Bears feel compelled to trade a pick, which is currently the 35th-overall pick, to the Commanders for a player who is going to be a free agent after Chicago concludes another disappointing season?

This feels like something that could only happen to the Atlanta Falcons.