5 last-minute trades to save the Atlanta Falcons season

5 players on the trade block that could help the Atlanta Falcons save their season
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Five players who could save the Atlanta Falcons season

The Atlanta Falcons are in a strange spot. While they might still be at the top of the NFC South, they have shown that they have major issues that could prevent them from ending their playoff drought—especially now that they lost Grady Jarrett for the season.

But, even with all the recent turmoil, the Falcons appear to be buyers as the trade deadline approaches quickly. They already traded for Van Jefferson and Kentavius Street, so maybe they could target some bigger names.

Here are five players who the Falcons should acquire in order to save their season.

1. Ezra Cleveland, OL, Minnesota Vikings

One week the Atlanta Falcons offensive line will look dominant while the next week they will look dreadful. The consistency has not been there and their week nine opponent has a player who could help fix that.

Ezra Cleveland has spent his entire NFL career playing guard but he is capable of playing tackle. If the Falcons feel confident that he can make a quick switch to tackle then they should grab him to replace Kaleb McGary. McGary has been exposed in pass protection so Cleveland could help solve that.

Even if he weren't able to play tackle, he could take over for rookie Matt Bergeron who could use a reprieve.