5 non-QB trades that the Atlanta Falcons must make ASAP

While there has been so much talk about the Atlanta Falcons situation at quarterback, the team could still use these five players that aren't QBs
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4. Tee Higgins, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

It has been made clear that the Cincinnati Bengals don't plan on keeping Tee Higgins after this year. It creates an interesting scenario if the Bengals cannot flip their season around in the next few weeks.

Cincy could decide that getting something out of Tee Higgins while they can is the best move. The Atlanta Falcons have struggled to pass the ball. Bringing in an elite receiver like Tee Higgins could really change this offense.

The Falcons offense has felt so condensed because they don't have much on the perimeter outside of Drake London. Higgins would help open things up for everyone and give Desmond Ridder another receiver who can go snag a pass at its highest point.

The Falcons also have a strong connection to Higgins, which you can read about here.