6 Bridge quarterbacks the Falcons should have considered before drafting Penix

Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout
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5. Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett is the ultimate bridge quarterback and has been placed in that role more than once. Give the veteran credit for playing well enough to continually find his way into the lineup. However, his upside is extremely limited. Brissett wouldn't be in the way of Penix making his way into the starting lineup.

6. Jimmy G.

Last year with the Raiders was a completely different quarterback than Jimmy has been the rest of his career. While many might point to the coaching staff of the 49ers as the reason, it is only fair to counter with his time with the Patriots.

We know what the veteran's ceiling is and understand clutch interceptions for the wrong side will happen. With that said, Jimmy is a solid starter who can play point guard at a high level and give your team a chance consistently. Bringing in a veteran with playoff experience ahead of Penix makes sense and gives you a high potential ceiling without blocking the 8th overall pick long term.