Atlanta Falcons: Early prediction for 2024's starting offense

Early stab at the starting unit for what will be another talented Atlanta Falcons offense... on paper

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One of the biggest jobs Raheem Morris has as the new head coach of the Atlanta Falcons is to fix what has been an underachieving Falcons offense.

For three straight years, we have seen this team take a difference-making offensive weapon in the top ten of the draft and we still have not seen this offense produce at a high level. There are two big reasons for that: not having a quarterback and having a flawed offensive scheme.

Both of those things should change in 2024 with the hiring of Zac Robinson as the new offensive coordinator and the emphasis the staff and front office will put on finding a franchise quarterback this offseason.

There are still other holes to fill on this side of the ball—particularly at wide receiver. However, the framework of the lineup is set in stone. They have a cohesive offensive line and an elite playmaker at tight end, wide receiver, and running back.

Here is an early prediction for the starting offense of the 2024 Atlanta Falcons.