3 affordable trade packages Falcons could offer for Justin Fields

Just how realistic is it for the Falcons to land the Bears QB now?

Atlanta Falcons, Justin Fields
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Trade Number 3

Finally, if the bidding war ends up pushing the Falcons over the edge just a bit, then maybe they could get a little creative. In the end, the expectation has been for the Bears to get a Day 2 and a Day 3 pick in exchange for Fields, as we know. But, where those picks land still remains to be seen. If the bidding gets tight, the Falcons could try to offer something like this.

Fields trade 3

In this deal, the Falcons again start by trading their second rounder this year, coming in at pick no. 43. The Bears will also get the Falcons' fourth rounder, coming in at pick no. 108. But, Atlanta is able to swindle Chicago into sending back a draft pick along with Fields. Now, even though it comes next year and it's a sixth rounder, the fact that the Falcons are able to get another asset in this deal is actually a major win.

The odds of the Bears surrendering any more draft capital, at this point, are not very high. After all, they've traded away all picks in the second, fifth, sixth and seventh round of this year's draft. Chicago has already sacrificed a ton, but they're also a team that's not afraid to make moves right now. So, it's likely they will continue dealing in order to recoup some of that capital in the near future.