Falcons Rumors: 5 dark horse Arthur Smith replacements if he's fired

Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith
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5. Kellen Moore, Offensive Coordinator, Los Angeles Chargers

While Kellen Moore was the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys, prior to joining Los Angeles, he definitely got some buzz as a potential head coach. After all, the Cowboys' offense was mostly great under Moore and he became one of the up-and-coming young, offensive minds to enter into the conversation of becoming the next McVay or Shanahan.

Now with the Chargers, Moore's name has cooled off a bit. But, is that truly on him? The Chargers' offense has not been what we were expecting, and a lot of it is not on Moore. It's hardly even on Justin Herbert.

Los Angeles has been ravaged by injuries at the wide receiver position. Mike Williams was lost for the year. Joshua Palmer was out a while. And, first-round rookie Quentin Johnston has been abysmal, dropping every other pass thrown his way it seems.

Austin Ekeler has not been fully healthy, even after returning from injury. That's apparent.

So, let's give Moore a pass for this year. Think back to 2021 Cowboys that put up a league-leading 407 yards per game on offense. That's the guy we're looking at coming to Atlanta. If the Falcons could get his scheming skill and game-plan instilled with players like Bijan Robinson, Drake London and Kyle Pitts, I think they'd be a whole lot better off.