Door slammed shut on Calais Campbell returning to the Falcons

Calais Campbell's time with the Atlanta Falcons likely comes to an end after just one season.
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
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Calais Campbell was a shocking signing one year ago. No one expected a veteran in his situation to sign with the Atlanta Falcons.

He signed a one-year deal with the team and more than lived up to it with his strong run defense and consistent pass rush. Everyone wanted to see him back for another season in Atlanta but, unfortunately, the draft signals toward Campbell either retiring or signing elsewhere.

Calais Campbell's time with Falcons likely over after one year

After hiring a new staff, the Atlanta Falcons still publicly left the door open for a Calais Campbell return. Retirement has been a huge question with Campbell and we still haven't heard a verdict.

Based on what we saw in the draft, the Falcons don't have any intention to bring back the veteran. They drafted numerous defensive linemen which leaves no room for another player on the line.

Just look at all of the players the Falcons have at the position.

  • Grady Jarrett
  • David Onyemata
  • Zach Harrison
  • Ruke Orhorhoro
  • Kentavius Street
  • Brandon Dorlus
  • Ta'Quon Graham
  • LaCale London
  • Zion Logue
  • Eddie Goldman
  • James Smith-Williams
  • Demone Harris
  • Tommy Togiai
  • Willington Previlon

14 defensive linemen... that is a lot.

Last year, the Falcons kept nine defensive linemen on their roster while Raheem Morris and Jimmy Lake, with the Rams, only kept seven.

Grady Jarrett, David Onyemata, Zach Harrison, Ruke Orhorhoro, and Brandon Dorlus will have a spot on the final roster while Kentavius Street, Ta'Quon Graham, LaCale London, Zion Logue, and Eddie Goldman are all worthy of making the roster

That is already ten names, meaning there just isn't room to sign Calais Campbell, who won't be the cheapest option. Cuts would need to happen if Campbell and the Falcons want to reunite.


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