Falcons: Examining whether each offensive position has improved or declined since 2022

Going through each offensive position for the Atlanta Falcons to see if they have improved or declined since last season
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Atlanta Falcons 2022 vs. 2023: Offensive tackles



Jake Matthews

Jake Matthews

Kaleb McGary

Kaleb McGary

Germain Ifedi

Jalen Mayfield

Tyler Vrabel

Tyler Vrabel

Joshua Miles

Barry Wesley

This is a strange position to look at for the Atlanta Falcons offensive line. Jake Matthews, A.K.A. Mr. Consistency is back for another season and then his bookend Kaleb McGary was re-signed to a modest contract.

But where it gets iffy is the backup spot. Germain Ifedi held it down all of last season and then was re-signed this offseason and was eventually released. So what does that say about him? Either the Falcons are confident in a younger player or they saw something in Ifedi that quickly. We don't have the answer to that.

The good news is that they have two durable tackles and an intriguing Tyler Vrabel. Also, Jalen Mayfield might prove he has worth following a position switch, who knows.

Head-to-head I see this as a push. They have durable starters and then Ifedi was a steady veteran for them last year but the intrigue of younger players/release of Ifedi evens it out.

Verdict: Push