Falcons: Top 10 OC candidates if Bill Belichick is hired

The five most likely offensive coordinators to be hired if the Atlanta Falcons hire Bill Belichick

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There are a lot of rumors about Bill Belichick and the Atlanta Falcons. It is looking more and more likely that he will be the next head coach of the Falcons.

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Belichick has always led elite defenses but the same cannot be said about 'his' offenses. Just think about the Patriots' offense this past season—it was a mess.

Finding a good offensive coordinator is the key to everything for the Falcons if they do hire Belichick. Here are the top ten candidates to be Belichick's OC in Atlanta.

10. Matt Ryan

Since calling the Falcons' week 18 blowout loss to the Saints, Matt Ryan has picked up some media attention as a potential coach in the making.

The franchise legend would be welcomed to Atlanta but expecting him to make the leap from having zero coaching experience to being the offensive coordinator and play caller of an NFL team is a little aggressive.

9. Eric Bieniemy - Commanders OC

This is a long shot but with the Washington Commanders looking for a new head coach, they could let Eric Bieniemy walk out the door and Bill Belichick could make a statement by making this hire.

This would be a dream scenario for many. Bieniemy is a coach who has had plenty of experience in the NFL and has been a head coaching candidate for a long time. The Commanders had a rough year but their offense was able to move the ball and score points despite having uncertainty at the quarterback position.