Falcons: You are forgetting one crazy thing about Bijan Robinson

Bijan Robinson has been an absolute star after being the eighth-overall pick by the Atlanta Falcons but we are all forgetting that he isn't even close to hitting his ceiling

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons
Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Bijan Robinson has proven to be worth the eighth-overall pick that the Atlanta Falcons used on him. The team was criticized for using a top-ten pick on a running back but it has since died down after a hot start to his career.

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The crazy thing about Bijan is that we haven't even seen the best of him yet. He is still young and developing as a do-it-all player for the Falcons offense. There are areas of his game that will only improve as he continues to dominate in the NFL.

Bijan Robinson isn't even close to his peak for the Atlanta Falcons

Playing running back isn't just about taking the ball and running, it is so much more advanced than that. Some running backs get the yards they should while others find extra yards. Bijan Robinson is certainly a player for the Atlanta Falcons who gets more yards than just about any other running back.

His moves are sharper than a knife, he can wait until the last second to make a move, and he doesn't lose speed when he makes his cuts. Bijan also glides along the field and is the smoothest runner in the NFL. I don't think you need me to tell you that he is special in every sense of the word.

With that being said, there are still areas that he can improve on, which is simply terrifying for the rest of the NFL.

One thing I noticed is his vision can improve. It is already really good but he has missed a couple of holes in his young career.

Specifically, against the Carolina Panthers on one of his first few carries in the NFL, Bijan missed a huge hole that could have resulted in a rushing touchdown, instead, it resulted in only a gain of a yard or two.

Bijan did not see the hole and continued to the sideline instead of planting his outside foot and cutting inside. If he had cut back inside he would have had three defenders walled off to his left, slow defensive linemen to his right, and one safety to beat to get to the endzone. This would have been a touchdown; the safety would have stood no chance.


This wasn't article isn't meant to criticize Bijan but rather prove that we haven't seen the best from the star running back. He is so early in his career and will only improve each week.

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