Final Mock Draft round-up for Atlanta Falcons: 1 player sets himself apart

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Compiling all the mock drafts for the Atlanta Falcons right before the real thing

We are just a few precious hours away from finding out who the Atlanta Falcons have had their eye on this whole time. The Falcons, as they should, have been bound to secrecy so we are all in the dark about who they might take.

In all reality, almost every fanbase is in the dark, which is what makes mock drafts so much fun. It brings excitement about what might happen when your team is on the clock.

Here we are compiling a bunch of mock drafts from around the internet, starting with the website you all love the most.

Blogging Dirty mock draft picks for the Atlanta Falcons

As you can see, we all selected differing players with three being on defensive and one on offense. One of these players will be seen a lot throughout this round-up, I won't spoil it anymore.

It is also apparent that everyone either has the Falcons' taking a running back, cornerback, or pass rusher.