Mistakes that can't be overlooked in Atlanta Falcons 2024 offseason

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3. Not warning Kirk Cousins you were drafting Penix

Arguably this was the weirdest part of the entire move. Kirk Cousins is your new leader and who you want to set the tone for a young offense. Bringing in Cousins is about raising the standard and putting a new leader into place. Trading Desmond Ridder's elite leadership was further evidence of this making sure it was clear whose team this was moving forward.

You follow this up by drafting Penix only telling Cousins moments before the pick. This shows an inability to learn from past mistakes. Matt Ryan's tenure ended with the Falcons failing to communicate their interest in Deshaun Watson.

After a terrible 2021 season Ryan was left believing he was coming back the following season. Atlanta pushing him out is a lesson they have spent the last two years learning. Now the first capable quarterback you had post-Matt Ryan and you repeat the mistake.

It isn't difficult to pick up the phone and prepare the guy you just handed $180-million to have a rookie sit behind him. This only makes the pick worse from the outside. Atlanta's lack of ability to communicate with its franchise leader is a concern moving forward.