Predicting the Falcons starting offense in 2024 prior to draft

Projecting who will be penciled in as starters on the Falcons' new-look offense.

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Falcons starting offense: Quarterback and running back

  • QB: Kirk Cousins
  • RB: Bijan Robinson

Much like the offensive line, there isn't much debate in the backfield. Kirk Cousins is being paid $40 million to be the starter while Bijan Robinson was drafted in the top ten to be a star playmaker at running back.

Cousins is going to be the key to this whole offense. While we saw the playmakers make plays at times last season, it could have been much better with a stable quarterback like Cousins.

The more the passing game opens up, the more the running lanes will open for Bijan. The star running back will have another great season in his second year.