Ranking Atlanta Falcons last 10 first-round draft picks

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1. Chris Lindstrom 14th Pick 2019

Chris Lindstrom was drafted into complete chaos and has remained quietly great as he is now with his third head coach. The coaching style doesn't matter for Lindstrom there has been no discernable change in his development path or game. Lindstrom is one of the best players not only at his position but in the league itself.

Guard is not a position that is going to get a lot of attention but as an Atlanta fan please take the time to turn on tape and watch Lindstrom work. The guard is such a fun player to watch in the middle of what has been an ugly offense.

There is no obvious hole in his game and the Falcons rewarded him for this with a long-term extension. If we are simply looking at Atlanta's roster objectively without weighing in positional value or career accomplishments, Lindstrom is Atlanta's best player.

Give the Falcons' former front office credit for this one coming off of a bad miss with Takk McKinley they responded by landing Calvin Ridley and Chris Lindstrom in back-to-back seasons.